Our team & Teachers


Kateryna Romankova
Co-founder at Dar School, Psychologist
Practical psychologist and lecturer, guru of mentoring at our school
Alyona Oleksienko
Co-founder at Dar School, Psychologist
Master of Psychology. Also knows many languages, so she can communicate with everyone

We founded this school with thoughts on the future of children and gathered the best-motivated team for this purpose

Дистанційна школа Dar School

Dar School allows you to study in a comfortable home environment, without conflicts, the tension in communication and without criticism. Our students learn with ease and interest!

The best option is to start learning skills for the future at school

Навчання онлайн у школі Dar School

Skilled mentors and experienced teachers help not only to improve the student's knowledge but also to find their place in the world. We have assembled a professional team of teachers who create original material without boring lessons and motivate children to learn.

We develop skills and prepare for the dream profession together

Дистанційна школа Dar School

Dar School cares about the future and education. We work with each child individually and take into account the child's character, wishes and goals.


Alyona Makeeva
Geography teacher
Teaches you to travel without leaving home. She knows that the capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo
Daria Parkhomenko
Ukrainian language teacher
She is chirping in Ukrainian better than nightingale.
Olga Duka
Algebra and geometry teacher
With her eyes closed, solves the equations and draws a circle without a compass. Can explain everything about sines and cosines
Anastasia Romanchenko
Economics and geography teacher
Knows that needs are limitless and resources are limited. Teaches how to use money properly
Elena Trubchanina
Chemistry teacher
A chemist is like a sorcerer. More spectacles than in "Harry Potter"
Anastasia Boyko
Ukrainian language teacher
A philologist who not only teaches language, but also writes poetry and prose
Olena Goryan
Ukrainian literature teacher
She knows Lesya Ukrainka's real name and what is iambic
Natalia Oleksiv
Biology teacher
Explores plants, animals and other kingdoms of wildlife.
Mykhailo Rozkolupa
Law teacher
He has been teaching for 25 years how to skillfully exercise your rights and obey the law
Alexandra Kotlyar
World history teacher
American historian. She is interested in the past, lives in the present, dreams of the future